Company Profile

Slaghek Export b.v., situated at the 'Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer', is an export company with over 20 years of experience.
In a time of big-scale mergers our relatively small company takes up an important piece of the market.
The right price / quality ratio, a wide assortment of products, and a personal touch are the things that make us stand out!

Slaghek Export b.v. works with a team of young and professional employees all dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.
Most of our products are bought directly from growers, but we also use the Aalsmeer and Honselersdijk flower auctions every day, these products are then shipped from Aalsmeer to a variety of European countries.

Slaghek Export b.v. mainly exports to France, England and Greece.
For transportation we use our own trucks combined with the services of established transport companies.
For Slaghek Export b.v. correct and quick delivery is the norm, not an exception.


Slaghek Export b.v. is commited to quality! Wether it's green, flowering or gardenplants, thanks to our experience and philosophy only the best and most beautiful plants and flowers are selected.